Hi, I'm Emiel Janson, builder of apps and websites. Today I'm launching Routeshare. Routeshare helps you share your location and estimated time of arrival without the hassle. Instead of forcing other people to download the same app Routeshare updates your current location to a webpage until you're at your destination. Simply sharing the link of that webpage makes sure dinner is ready right at the moment you step on the doorstep.

Why Routeshare is better for location sharing than all the other services around

  • With most services you need both parties (the sender and receiver of the information) to download the app. To check someone's estimated time of arrival you are completely platform independent.
  • You can send your location and estimated time of arrival to anyone, even on desktop it looks good.
  • You don't need to share your location all the time. There are only very few people that you might allow to check your location anytime.
  • Most of the time when you're using location sharing services you're heading to someone.
  • Routeshare automatically stops sharing your location if your at your destination.
  • Routeshare keeps calculating and updating your estimated time of arrival.
  • You can start a session within 3 taps. It takes around 10 seconds to start and share a session to one of your recent destinations.

Why waiting is horrible

"Some years ago, executives at a Houston airport faced a troubling customer-relations issue. Passengers were lodging an inordinate number of complaints about the long waits at baggage claim. In response, the executives increased the number of baggage handlers working that shift. The plan worked: the average wait fell to eight minutes, well within industry benchmarks. But the complaints persisted.

So the airport decided on a new approach: instead of reducing wait times, it moved the arrival gates away from the main terminal and routed bags to the outermost carousel. Passengers now had to walk six times longer to get their bags. Complaints dropped to near zero.


Our expectations further affect how we feel about lines. Uncertainty magnifies the stress of waiting, while feedback in the form of expected wait times and explanations for delays improves the tenor of the experience."

In short: waiting can feel like torture because you can't do anything else. Transparency in waiting times can provide you more flexibility scheduling your time.

From an article from the New York Times.




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