Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies to all of the products, apps, games, software, websites and services (each a “Service” and collectively “Services”) offered by Routeshare, a product of Emiel Janson. Routeshare takes your privacy seriously, and wants you to feel comfortable with the Services.

1. Personal information

As part of your use of the Services and account registration, you may provide and Routeshare may collect information that identifies you as a specific person, such as your name and email address (“personal information”). You may also provide us with information that provides us with a better idea of who you are, such as your gender, birthday, marital status, family relations, and education level. When connected to information that identifies you as a specific person, this information becomes personal information as well. Much of the personal information we collect is the personal information you provide to the Services to inform yourself, us and others (such as your friends and family) when you will arrive somewhere. (“personal arrival information”). Routeshare does not license or disclose this information to third parties for their advertising or marketing purposes.

2. Location data

A key benefit of our Services lies in our ability to identify your location and estimate when you will arrive at your destination. To do so, Routeshare uses information about your current location (such as GPS signals) or information that can be used to approximate a location (such as a cell ID or Wi-Fi triangulation). All such information may be posted to the automatically generated webpage only you're being aware off. We don't share the webpage generated using the service but if you're aware of the link its available to everyone. Its your responsibility to choose to who you're sending the link of the webpage.

Routeshare may share GPS and similar location-related information to other companies that may wish to provide you with location-based offers, or to license or purchase such information for their own separate uses or to help us with our business. However, we do not disclose your account information or personal arrival information when we share such location-related information.

3. Service data

When you use the Services, our servers, our mobile apps and the functionality of your internet browser automatically record comprehensive information about the use and operation of the Services including user activity and interaction data (“service data”). Doing so enables us to operate and improve the Services, provide better features and functionality, understand user experiences, compile statistical reports, and deliver specific content and advertisements to you based on your interests, demographic profile, and other criteria available to us or our advertisers.

Among other things, service data includes performance metrics, internet protocol addresses assigned by your internet service provider, as well as the diagnostic and configuration information about the browser, mobile device, operating system and computer that you use to run our apps and access the Services. In some circumstances, servers place “cookies” that your Internet browser stores on your computer to record and track information about your websites visits, and that may uniquely identify your browser and account. Your browser preferences can be modified to accept or reject all cookies, or request a notification when a cookie is set. However, the Services will not work without your cookies enabled. Depending on your browser, it may allow you to delete the cookies.

If we disclose service data, we remove any personal information!

4. Connections to other accounts

The Services may enable you to connect your Routeshare account with your accounts with third-party sites and services which we do not control by providing us with your login information to do so (examples might include Twitter and Facebook). We share such login information with the third-party site or service to log you in. The information these third parties collect is governed by their Privacy Policies, not ours.

5. Email address

We may use your email to verify that you are the user of your phone, mobile device or Routeshare account. We may use your email address to send you notices, updates, newsletters, or news regarding the Services. We're allowed to send you emails about other services or products Zebraa (the company behind Routeshare) launches no more than 6 times a year. We won't sell or provide other companies or organizations with your email address.

6. Contact information on your device

Our mobile app can access the contact information on your device as permitted by your device’s operating software. We do so to send SMS messages, emails and other forms of messages to your contacts regarding your location and time of arrival. We won't collect any of this kind of information.

7. Successor

If Routeshare or any of its assets are acquired by or merged with another entity, some or all of the information described in this Privacy Policy will be one of the transferred assets or otherwise be shared, in whole or in part, with such other entity and its corporate affiliates.

8. Age

Persons under the age of 13 are not eligible to use the Services and must not submit any Personal Information to us. Persons under the age of 18 may only use the Services in conjunction with and under the supervision of their parent or guardian. Routeshare does not knowingly collect contact or Personal Information from persons under the age of 13. The Services are not intended to solicit information of any kind from children under the age of 13, or to target advertising to children under the age of 13. If you are a parent or guardian and discover that your child under the age of 13 has obtained a Services account, then you may alert Routeshare and request that Routeshare delete that child's personal information from Services.

9. Your data may travel abroad

As a result of Routeshare's network architecture and business practices and the nature of electronic communications, even communications that seem to be intrastate in nature can result in the transmission of interstate and international communications regardless of where you are physically located at the time of transmission. Accordingly, by agreeing to our Terms of Service, you acknowledge that use of the Services results in interstate and international data transmissions and storage. Your information may be stored and processed in the Netherlands or any other country in which Routeshare or its Contractors, affiliates, subsidiaries, successors or agents maintain facilities. By using the Services, you consent to any such transfer of information outside of your country.

10. Data security

Routeshare could not be kept responsible for any security leaks. Although we will always do as much as necessary to keep the data secured. It's your own responsibility to keep in mind what data you're sharing.

11. Deleting your account

It's always possible to get all your data removed and delete your account with your personal information. If you would like to you could do so by getting in touch with us (13. Contact).

12. Changes to the Privacy Policy

Routeshare is always allowed to make changes to the Privacy Policy at any time and under any circumstances. It is your responsibility to periodically check our privacy policy posted there for revisions. Once we post a revised Privacy Policy on our website, the revised Privacy Policy will apply to all data collected or otherwise received before such posting unless explicitly stated otherwise in the updated Privacy Policy. Revised Privacy Policies will become effective twenty (20) days after we post them, or when we send the email notification described above, whichever occurs first. Your continued use of any of the Services or failure to cancel your account will indicate your acceptance of the revised Privacy Policy.

13. Contact

If you're having any questions or concerns regarding our Services or especially this Privacy Policy please get in touch using the contact link in the footer of this website.